I Am Jack's Ax book

I Am Jack’s Ax – A Great Horror Movie Book “The Shining”

I Am Jack’s Ax – is a fabulous book written by R.H. Vatcher in May 2017. It is a book based on a horror novel ‘The Shining’ written by a very famous writer the Stephen King. The shining was the most popular and liked novel. The main characters in the story are Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, and Danny Lloyd. The book is named as such because the leading character Jack turns from a good person to a paranormal and tries to kill everyone with his Axe.

Why go for the Book  Instead of the Movie?

People who are not much interested in reading books and prefer to watch movies. They are here especially advised to read this book as the movie and real story has a totally different ending. The movie ends with simply showing that Jack freezes to death. After that a photograph is shown in which he was standing among the crowd of parties from 1921. But there is a different angle; which is an emotional side of the father before dying mentioned in the book only.

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